I have no idea what I am doing... but it works !

After struggling to get the correct color from my Nikon D7200 with
Darktable, I finally managed to get a near-perfect result.

It was frustrating because the Nikon JPEG were doing a much better job.
I even bought an IT8 target to try the colormatch approach:

The colormatch trick gave me almost the same JPEG as the default
Darktable (i.e. with a greenish tint).

I almost gave up when I noticed that (while following the colormatch
procedure) changing the input color profile to "RGB rec2020 linear"
suddenly got rid of the greenish tint.

So now with a base curve "Neutral" and an input color profile to "RGB
rec2020 linear", I have almost perfect colors in every conditions (I
checked on many pictures).

Could someone explain to me what I have done and why it works ?
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