Hi Michael,
I think you are moving in the right direction. First use what you already 
have and invest in new equipment once you have a better feeling for what you
need or want. It depends on your specific situation and requirements or 
wishes. I mentioned that I use fisheye lens and the reason is to keep the 
number of shots low (I need 6 to cover full circle plus one straight up and 
one down - that last one I take after removing the tripod hand-held). I 
shoot with Nikon so I bought their 10.5 mm full frame lens for cropped 
sensor cameras. But any wide angle lens would do. Or even not a wide angle 
if you want to do gigapixel panoramas. In that case you will probably shoot 
large number of photos - the opposite of what I am doing. The principles of 
stitching will be the same.

In order to have least amount of paralax errors, using a panoramic bracket 
is advisable but not strictly necessary for outdoor. Yes, Nodal Ninja is one
popular option. I had my bracket custom made by a friend. It's not perfect 
but does the job for what I need. Another option could be one of these - 
http://www.360precision.com - Or you could try some cheap product from China
as sold on ebay, but I haven't seen or used them so cannot comment if they 
are worth the money.

Regarding the pupil location, look how to identify "nodal point". It's 
fairly straightforward. You want to make sure that an object close to you is
in the same relative position against background on both overlapping shots 
you are stitching. See for example this answer - https://photo.
Cheers, Tomas

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Sorry about having a broad question but I am just starting out with this so 
I must start broad. And my broad question led to (what I suppose) are broad 
answers which is just what I need as a starting point.
So, I suppose I will start with some specific questions:

What equipment should I get?

You say a fish eye lens. Other sites I've looked at in my research recommend
an 8mm. Is that good?

It has also been recommended I get a nodal ninja. Would you suggest that as 

I there any other equipment you would recommend?

You mentioned a "panoramic bracket".... What is a "panoramic bracket"?... my
investigation into it shows that this is what a nodal ninja is but I need to
be sure that they are the same thing.

One thing further when asking around about how to identify the location  of 
my lens "pupil" I was told that it was more or less in the middle of the 
lens... even with a zoom lens. HOw would I find the pupil with the 8mm 
(which I will get later) and with a zoom lens (which I have now).

On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 3:32 AM, Tomas Sobek <sanka...@seznam.cz
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Hi Michael,
In order to produce image like that you will need to dive into panorama 
photography. Personally I use Darktable to process my panorama images before
a stitch and then stitch them using Hugin. More elaborate processes might 
have their advantages but I like to keep it simple. I shoot with DSLR + 
fisheye lens, tripod and panoramic bracket to keep the number of images low 
and stitching relatively easy. There are also specialised 360 degrees lenses
available on the market, but I haven't experimented with any of them.

As a general intro, read for example at http://www.digitaltrends.com/ 
photography/photography-101- how-to-shoot-360-degree- panoramas/
If you chose to use Hugin for stitching (it would be a natural choice on 
Linux), there are useful tutorials available - http://hugin.sourceforge.net/
I noticed that the panorama you referred to is using Flash for presentation.
I would suggest using a JavaScript based panorama player these days. Flash 
usage is generally deprecated. Check out for example free software https://
pannellum.org/(https://pannellum.org/) - You can see more examples of its 
use on my site - https://tomassobekphotography. co.nz/panoramas.php

As you can see, your question is a rather broad one. Panorama photography 
might have a steep learning curve. However it is rewarding and worth the 
Cheers, Tomas

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Předmět: [darktable-user] 360 degree panoramas


Is there a way to do 360 degree panoramas with darktable like this one: 
http://tinyurl.com/35tfq9q(http://tinyurl.com/35tfq9q) ? HOw would you 
recommend I create one?

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