Am Mittwoch, 14. September 2016, 17:16:34 CEST schrieb Anton Aylward:


> One ABSOLUTE requirement you *** MUST *** get for panoramic shots is a
> tripod. You need a stable platform.  A tripod with a tilt&rotate head is
> going to let you rotate smoothly so it is is easier when you piece together
> you shots using 'hungin'.

Sorry, but that is not true. As long as there are no objects near the camera 
that could introduce parallax errors (i.e., they move relative to the 
background between images because you are not rotating the camera around its 
nodal point, so you are basically looking behind the object) you can get 
perfectly fine panoramas shooting free hand. Kees (andabata on IRC) does that 
all the time with awesome results. Have a look at his Flickr page for examples

That being said, a tripod with a panoramic head IS at least a HUGE help when 
there are more layers in the scene then just a flat foreground and a 



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