* Frank J. <newslet...@fotodrachen.de> [09-18-16 04:48]:
> Am 18.09.2016 um 09:47 schrieb Bruce Williams:
> > ...
> > but I'm not sure where the database lives.
> Hi,
> on my Ubuntu-Linux the configurations are in
> ~/.config/darktable/
> The Database: ~/.config/darktable/library.db
> The Thumbnail-Cache in
>  /~/.cache/darktable/
> will be build new when first looking at a picture.
> It is also possible to build all thumbs with a terminal-command:
> $ darktable-generate-cache

WARNING: if the path to the photos is different on your new box, you need
to remove those images from the database and import them from their new
location.  Probably would be easier to just begin anew and import from the
new locations into a new library if you have not created styles.

I suggest you also bring with you from ~/.config/darktable/: 

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