Am Dienstag, 20. September 2016, 08:34:58 CEST schrieb laurent wawrzyniak:
> Hello,
> As you can see here
> in 2.0.6 (same in 2.0.5), the minimum size on the DT window is bigger than
> 1440 pixels wide of my macbookair.
> The right part of the window is not visible and the letter size of menu is
> bigger than in 2.0.4
> I love DT because, it needs few ressources and work well on a relatively
> old notebook (which is not the case of heavyroom...)
> But with this bug, impossible to work on the go with a small display.
> Thanks in advance.

That is due to the size of the top header with all the different views 
(lighttable, darkroom, ...). In the upcoming 2.2 release that will be fixed for 
good as we put most of the options into a drop down, so no matter how many 
more views we add the size will stay small. Of course that won't help you for 

Currently you have basically two options:

1) If you are ok with losing the indication of how many images you have 
collected and selected in the top you can hide the header with ctrl-h. That 
should allow the window to become smaller.

2) Alternatively you can find the file "darktable.css" in your darktable 
installation and copy it to ~/.config/darktable/ (that is a hidden folder in 
your home directory and should already exist). Then open that new file in a 
text editor and find the line that starts with "font-size:". replace the 
default 15pt with something smaller, maybe 12pt. Start darktable and see if 
the smaller list in the header works for you.
Once 2.2 is released you may want to remove that file again to get back to the 
official settings.

> Laurent


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