Thanks Tobias and Daniel for your answers.

Thanks for the ctrl+H tip, it works correctly even if sometimes,it freezes
for no reason.

For the darktable.css, I wasn't able to find it.What is the complete path
on mac please?

Thanks in advance,

2016-09-20 8:34 GMT+02:00 laurent wawrzyniak <>:

> Hello,
> As you can see here
> in 2.0.6 (same in 2.0.5), the minimum size on the DT window is bigger than
> 1440 pixels wide of my macbookair.
> The right part of the window is not visible and the letter size of menu is
> bigger than in 2.0.4
> I love DT because, it needs few ressources and work well on a relatively
> old notebook (which is not the case of heavyroom...)
> But with this bug, impossible to work on the go with a small display.
> Thanks in advance.
> Laurent

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