I just bought a Samsung NX1 and would like to use Darktable to process
the RAW (SRW).

However I really tried but I couldn't manage to get correct colors or
to have a good noise reduction in high iso situation (low light).

I've tried LightRoom and RawTherapee and I managed (without knowing
these softwares) to get quite good results in under 5-10 minutes.
So far I think I've spent several hours with Darktable...

I would really like to stay with Darktable (as I find the interface
quite pleasant and it offers a lot of useful features) but I really
need to have good colors and good noise reduction (at least comparable
to LR and RT) without too much tinkering.

From what I have heard, it seems that Darktable noise reduction is
very powerful and actually superior to LR or RT. Basic noise reduction
in LR or RT is very simple : 2 sliders and that's it (Luminance and
Details). However it is quite effective, and I haven't been able to do
better with Darktable (and it took me much more time, I even made a
noise profile !).

Perhaps am I doing something wrong ?
Can someone guide me or show me how to proceed ?

Original JPEG + RAW

Rawtherapee (JPEG + pp3)

Lightroom (JPEG)

Darktable Noise profile

Darktable (JPEG + xmp)

Thanks a lot in advance,
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