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mandag den 12. februar 2018 13.51.38 CET skrev Robert Krawitz:
On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 20:45:45 -0800, Robert Bieber wrote:
> If you shot these on a tripod, you can select them both in the light
> table view and click the HDR button.  If it's handheld, I don't
> think Darktable can really do that level of compositing. You'll need
> to manually align them in Gimp or something similar and mask the sky
> appropriately

Hugin would be a better option for at least the alignment part of that.

And Hugin is using align_image_stack, which is available as a commandline tool as well ;)

...and has Enblend, which will do exposure blending and create HDR, in fact Hugin will do the lot for you.

Terry Duell
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