I'm a newb here, so please forgive my unfamiliarity with the
environment and list conventions.

After using darktable for a relatively short time on my iMac (MacOS
10.13), I've recently upgraded to 2.4.1. The scroll-wheel behaviour
has suddenly changed so that, when using drawn masks, shift+scroll
will only increase the feather size, regardless of scroll direction.

I've tried each of my wireless and wired Logitech Trackman trackballs,
as well as a Microsoft wireless mouse, and they all suffer the same
issue. But the touch ring on my Wacom Intuos Pro works as it should
with shift+scroll, as does the scroll wheel on the Wacom 'mouse'.

However, ctrl+scroll or scroll without modifier works as it should on
all devices. So it looks as if darktable is not interpreting the shift
key press properly when scrolling with any of the Logitech or
Microsoft mouse wheels.

I'm also running 2.4.1 on an elderly Dell Inspiron laptop under Debian
9, where the shift+scroll behaviour is bi-directional as it should be.
Sadly, the screen quality of the Dell is well below the iMac, so it's
not a viable alternative long-term. :(

Any advice would be very welcome!


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