Hi Tobias, I copyed one image to windows using the SD card and then same
image to linux with digikam using USB cable (PTP), then I copyed image in
window to a pendrive and I used  pendrive in linux.
diff say "Los ficheros binarios Imágenes/Fotos/2018-05-17/IMG_0086.CR2 y
/media/sergio/B618-8AF1/IMG_0086.CR2 son distintos" that is something like
"binary files are differents"

Kind regrads.

El jue., 17 de may. de 2018 a la(s) 05:20, Tobias Ellinghaus <m...@houz.org>

> Am Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018, 22:19:47 CEST schrieb Sergio Daniel Gomez:
> > Hi Tobias, yes, I copyed using usb cable from the camera to linux pc
> using
> > digikam appplication. Digicam can copy and delete images from the camara
> > using PTP protocol.
> > If I can help with other information, please, just tell me.
> Please copy the same image to the PC, once with Digikam and once on
> Windows.
> Then bring the Windows version to your Linux box and compare the two files
> with "diff".
> > Kind regards.
> Tobias
> [...]

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