Kris Maglione <> wrote:
> I'm not sure how to describe this bug, but it's affected one of my
> scripts, and those of several of my users. Basically, we've had loops
> dieing when backgrounded programs exit. This is the simplest test case
> I can come up with:
> #!/bin/dash
> {
>        echo foo
>        sleep 1
>        echo foo
>        echo done>/dev/tty
> } | while read p; do
>        ( echo good & ) &
> done
> echo done
> In versions prior to 3800d4934391b, the output would
> "good\ndone\ndone\ngood" (or some permutation thereof depending on
> system load), but from 3800d4934391b on, it's "good\ndone".

This should be fixed by the patch that I posted yesterday.

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