On 22/03/2018 22:01, Martijn Dekker wrote:
Op 22-03-18 om 20:12 schreef Harald van Dijk:
Isn't all of busybox, including ash, GPL? Wouldn't that mean that if any
busybox code is imported into dash, that from then on dash can only be
distributed under GPL?

I thought dash was already effectively under the GPL due to including
the output of mksignames.c.

To be honest, I'm getting confused now.

I knew that the output of GPL programs is not generally covered by the GPL itself. And that's all that COPYING says:


  This file is not directly linked with dash.  However, its output is."

But about the not "generally" covered: as mentioned on <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0-faq.en.html#WhatCaseIsOutputGPL>, if the output includes part of the GPL-licensed code, then the output is GPL-licensed as well. And admittedly, signames.c does contain part of mksignames.c.

It seems unclear to packagers, at any rate:

Fedora and Gentoo say dash is BSD-licensed. MacPorts lists it as GPL-2+.

Harald van Dijk
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