On 3/22/18 8:12 PM, Harald van Dijk wrote:
I have a local patch set of stuff that I haven't considered in an appropriate state to send to the list. One of the features I've got working is multibyte locale support. It doesn't assume UTF-8 (only assumes stateless encodings) and is tolerant of malformed strings. I've got it working in pattern matching, in glob() sorting, in trimming (#, ##, % and %%), in field splitting, and in "$*" joining. I'll see if I can polish it a bit and make it available when I've got some more free time again, but I'm not sure how soon that will be.

Actually, there's no real harm in just publishing what I have now.


This is my personal playground, so I'll have to include some disclaimers:

Commits may take a different approach than what dash is interested in.
Commits may be poorly tested.
Commits may contain bugs.
Commits may have non-obvious dependencies on earlier commits.
Commits may be poor style.
Commits may be re-written and force-pushed.

That said, feel free to see if the locale support does what you're after. If so, it should be possible to bring into a shape suitable for dash.

Harald van Dijk
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