>> This can be a separate effort. However, what I did not mention
>> earlier is that we probably should disallow the creation of new
>> out-of-region AUT-NUM objects if they are no longer required to
>> authorise ROUTE(6) objects.

how long do you think it will be before there are no inter-region
barriers to AS transfers?  add a year or so to that to give people
time to clean up the mess caused by this policy hole.

> Yes, I support disallowing the creation of NEW out-of-region AUT-NUM
> and ROUTE objects.

not exact;ly what tim was suggesting, see above.

> I keep seeing route objects covering non-RIPE IP space popping up in
> the RIPE IRR for nefarious purposes.

that may be the wrong question.  are some appearing for legitimate and
useful purposes?  if so, how will those needs be addressed going


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