I would like to announce public release of the DBD::MariaDB 1.00. Now it
is available on CPAN and can be installed directly via cpan client.


There is a problem with perl mailing lists and perl email servers,
therefore it is possible that not all participants receive this message.

DBD::MariaDB is a DBI driver for connecting to the MariaDB or the MySQL
database. It is a fork of the DBD::mysql 4.041 driver. This fork's
primary focus is fixing Unicode bugs & security problems, adding support
for new versions of MariaDB and MySQL client libraries and other things
which are not possible to fix in DBD::mysql due to legacy problems.

Documentation for DBD::MariaDB and install instructions are on metacpan:


Public version 1.00 fixes only small problems found in previous beta
version 0.90_01. More information can be found in previous email:


Full changelog, including all fixed issues, is available in Changes file
and also formatted at metacpan release page:


If you found a bug in DBD::MariaDB, please report it to us via GitHub:


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