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> This is a follow-up to
> <
> http://blogs.perl.org/users/ross_attrill/2013/02/dbixdatamodel---elegant-database-interaction-with-perl.html#comment-367206
> >.
> Peter Rabbitson ✍:
> > Steven Haryanto ✍:
> >> One of the things that keeps preventing me from using DBIC (and thus
> >> so far I use raw DBI/SQL) is the apparent complexity of it all.
> > I hear this sentiment a lot, but any time I reach out to ask for a
> > clarification - I don't get anything back. It is frustrating :) I
> > would *so much* appreciate a comment, or an email, or a blogpost that
> > would point out complexities that *feel* unjustified. A criticism
> > like this would not go unnoticed - either the points made are going
> > to be explained away, or acknowledged and eventually fixed.
> Sounds like a severe case of organisational blindness. The DBIC distro


> The good news is that I have identified the parts of the API which are
> used most often; the API follows the law of the vital few. Expert users
> of DBIC should be able to name them without looking them up. I
> presented this at Austrian Perl workshop last year, and will soon do so
> again at German Perl workshop.
> The ironic news is that I am going to attempt to fix the problem of too
> much documentation by writing more. I volunteer to add
>     =head1 NAME
>     C<DBIx::Class::Manual::Quickstart> - up and running with DBIC in 10
>     minutes or your money back
> which is to be placed between ::Manual::Glossary and ::Manual::Intro
> and has a prominent incoming link in the "GETTING HELP/SUPPORT" section
> of DBIx::Class. When it's finished, this needs to be usability tested.
> If you do this on github I will work with you on the usability testing
and/or contribute to the substance.  I came in to DBIC by doing maintenance
code and adding features to an existing project, and a lot of what I did
was find a similar working example in the code and modify until it worked.
 I can confirm that it's a pretty bewildering technology to get a handle
on.  I'm starting something from the ground up using it now, and
consequently learning it "for real", but I'm still new enough to it that I
should be able to remember what's confusing when you hit it the first time.

Anyway--like I said, put a start on github and send us the url.

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