do you have that problem vor every signed email, or just occasionally? cuz i haven't noticed problems on my part yet

On 2018-04-01 13:14, Reindl Harald wrote:
ping - see also attached as diff

if someone is able to fix that for dbmail-3.1 i offer to pay the work

2874f497fb429ed139e94342ca1c84325b20b3f1 is the git with latest fixes
for 3.1 before move to github - not sure if they ever made it to a
offical release and we applied the patch from paul (also attached)

frankly i would sell my soul when dbmail get active maintainment again
because the silence of the last few years holds me back to consider
upgrade to 3.2 given that upgrades to 3.0 and 3.1 in both cases needed a lot of urgency patches after user complaints with several clients mostly
re-construct errors

* Mi Dez 07 2016 Reindl Harald <>
- add dbmail-prepend-headers-during-delivery.patch

* Mi Jan 20 2016 Reindl Harald <>
- update to 2874f497fb429ed139e94342ca1c84325b20b3f1 bugfix snapshot
- prevent assertion in p_string_erase

* So Jul 27 2014 Reindl Harald <>
- update to 3.1.17 release

Am 30.03.2018 um 16:23 schrieb Reindl Harald:

see screenshot - the linebreak in line 50 seems to change between \r\n
and only \n which completly breaks the signature - inline signed mails
don't break because they don't have a "signature.asc" attachment

the plaintext version shows the same amount of linebreaks, but i have
also seen dbmail-3.1 caces where some new lines are added or missing

pretty sure at reconstruct where i pointed out some year ago to Paul
that sometimes linebreaks change and that could break signed mails while
the response was they don't matter

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