Hi DBpedia Folks!

 Please sorry for my delayed responses.

I'm very glad that folks from DBpedia like (and use) Faviki!

I think DBpedia is a great project, and hope it will continue to develop.
Version 3.0 has some great improvements (especially disambiguation and
redirect extractions, and I hope they will be perfected in the
future). Abstracts are pretty important, and I think they should be better.
I believe mess appears because of removing urls from text (besides Wikipedia

Did you consider another alternative abstract with urls left inside? I
noticed links (to other Wikipedia articles) in the first couple of
paragraphs of Wikipedia article are usually pretty related to article
itself. If abstract in Faviki have links (to Faviki pages about tags), or an
option to show only that related tags, I believe it would be another great
way to navigate and learn about stuff.

I agree that general problem with social and collaborative systems is that
they must provide a benefit for the user, when there are not much data. It
seems that good ideas often fail because they're highly dependent on large
number of users and their activity. In my opinion, the challenge is to make
a system which will be useful if there is only one user, and let the real
benefit (coming from many nodes and interconnections) comes later. That's
what I'm trying to do with Faviki. :)

In my vision Faviki will evolve toward connecting the people with tags and
websites and defining types of webpages (using predefined predicates), that
was actually the original idea of Faviki, but I decided to start with
smaller and more focused version in order to provide easier adoption and
understanding of its key values..

I'm glad we have a similar thoughts about connecting it with Wikipedia. I
really believe there is a potential, and that Wikipedia can benefit, too.

I fixed RSS.. - changed DBpedia URI from 'data' to 'resource'

It would be nice to keep in touch.. I would like to hear suggestions and
ideas from you, from the perspective of DBpedia creators and Faviki users.

Best wishes from sunny Belgrade,
Vuk Milicic

Vuk Miličić
Web Design & Development
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