This is how my mesh looks like. 
I am using half domain of 2D sphere assuming that it would symmetrical 
along phi domain. 
Tho my domain is 2d, I am describing 3D phenomena. I am using cylindrical 
So... in real horizontal line mean r-axis and vertical line is z-axis. 

When r=0 (so the left straight line), I used boundary condition that u_r=0 
(because there will be no flow across this axis if flow is symmetric) 

other boundary, sphere boundary condition is 0 velocity, and top,end,right 
side boundary condition is given by analytical solution (it was expressed 
in spherical coordinate, so I transferred it into cylindrical coordinate) 

To, Daniel Arndt. 
Also, I didn't understand what you meant by 
*"Are you using a Mapping of the same order as your velocity ansatz space 

Thanks for reply!!!

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