> 1) My first question is about how the "direction" works, is it 1 
> correspond to "x" and 2 corresponds to "y"?
No, direction 0/1/2 means that the support_points of the dofs to be 
identified just differ in the x-/y-/z-component.
What you are doing should be perfectly fine.

> 2) When I do this I obtain fairly reasonable solutions, however I am 
> getting a weird Dirichlet-type of boundary conditions on boundaries 1 and 3 
> (see the attached figures), that distort the fields.
> I seem unable to find what is wrong, so I wonder if anyone has experienced 
> this kind of behavior.
No, I haven't observed this problem. Can you check in your ConstraintMatrix 
that you don't use any other constraints? For doing so use 
and check if there is a DoF that is not constrained to another one.

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