Hi freinds,

I have parallelized a code for a Thermoelastic problem based on step-40 . 
Although the non-parallel code works for all the initial values and 
boundary conditions, the parallel one fails giving this error :
"PETSC ERROR: Caught signal number 11 SEGV: Segmentation Violation, 
probably memory access out of range"

It seems from debugger backtracethat that error comes from the 
Surprisingly, the problem converges for few initial value or boundary 
conditions (not for all problem conditions) when I change the 
preconditioner from PreconditionAMG to PreconditionJacobi.

It would be appreciated if you could give me any clue why I have this 
error. The following is my solve object:

template <int dim>
 unsigned int
 Solid<dim>::solve ()

      completely_distributed_solution (locally_owned_dofs, 

      SolverControl solver_control (dof_handler.n_dofs(), 1e-12);

      #ifdef USE_PETSC_LA
      LA::SolverCG solver(solver_control, mpi_communicator);
      LA::SolverCG solver(solver_control);

      LA::MPI::PreconditionAMG preconditioner;
      LA::MPI::PreconditionAMG::AdditionalData data;
      #ifdef USE_PETSC_LA
      data.symmetric_operator = true;
      //data.strong_threshold = 0.5;
      /* Trilinos defaults are good */
    preconditioner.initialize(tangent_matrix, data);

//  LA::MPI::PreconditionJacobi preconditioner(tangent_matrix);

      solver.solve (tangent_matrix, completely_distributed_solution, 

      constraints.distribute (completely_distributed_solution);

      solution_update = completely_distributed_solution;

      return solver_control.last_step();


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