Hi Giang,

There is definitely an informal community of people using deal.II for 
various problems in computational geomechanics, including geotechnical 
problems like consolidation analysis and slope stability.  Over the years, 
some colleagues and I have accumulated quite a bit of infrastructure for 
these sorts of problems (including constitutive models like Modified Cam 
Clay).   A few of us came to a decision recently that we should package and 
share this code with the broader community, but unfortunately this is still 
a work in progress.  

So the short answer to your question is that deal.II has been used for 
geotechnical problems, but there isn't any canned infrastructure available 
right now.  We'd be happy to help you however we can in your own projects 

A UMAT interface sounds interesting, but what sorts of applications were 
you hoping to apply it to?



On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 9:43:48 AM UTC-7, Hoang Giang Bui wrote:
> Dear list
> I saw dealii has been applied for geodynamics problems. However, is there 
> any effort in dealii community trying to tackle problems in geotechnical 
> engineering? For example, constitutive modelling for more realistic soil 
> simulation like Mohr-Coulomb or Cam Clay. I would like to see examples in 
> that domain though. Furthermore, if I want to contribute, for example 
> writing an interface to use Abaqus umat subroutine within dealii code. Is 
> that useful for the community? What is your suggestion?
> Thanks
> Giang

The deal.II project is located at http://www.dealii.org/
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