Hi Tom,

> J-P, you (and the entire dealii community) are a paragon of encouragement, 
>> and I appreciate that very much.  
Thank you, your kind words do mean a lot!

> here's what I came up with yesterday

That's a handy piece of code to keep around. Thanks for sharing it!

This works on a small geometry, thankfully.  Even after mesh modifications 
> from within cubit.  This would not work for remeshing from within cubit, 
> unfortunately.  The complete remeshing case is interesting to me, but 
> that's not what I'm aimed at right now.

Its great! Yeah, a complete remesh is an entirely different story, but if 
you have a look in the documentation of FE_Field_Function, these two lines 
particular, you will be happy to find that this *might* not be too 
difficult to implement either.

> get cubit to export codimension 1 surfaces using its export commands.  The 
> output is always flattened in the sense that the z-coordinates of vertices 
> are stripped.  Perhaps your code snippet will help me by setting the 
> dimension to 3.  For now this works nicely, and cubit is slowly responding 
> to my email.
> As well, I choose ucd because GridIn::read_abaqus() doesn't like to find 
> that z-vertex from standard abaqus .inp files for codimension 1 surfaces, 
> but read_ucd() works as expected.)

I keep on forgetting that you're working in codim 1. Yes, 
GridIn::read_abaqus will definitely not cater for that case as it doesn't 
distinguish between dim and spacedim, but it might be an easy fix 

> I will try VectorTools::interpolate_to_different_mesh 
> <https://www.dealii.org/developer/doxygen/deal.II/namespaceVectorTools.html#af68148d58c8dfd0916eceab9d89d74d5>
> when I get to my desk this morning.  I tried the FEFieldFunction 
> <https://www.dealii.org/developer/doxygen/deal.II/classFunctions_1_1FEFieldFunction.html>
> yesterday, but 
> FEFieldFunction<spacedim, DoFHandler<dim,spacedim> > 
> FEFieldFunction(vector_dof_handler, euler_vector) 
> is very unhappy - it is not implemented for DoFHandlerType = 
> DoFHandler<dim,spacedim> (and Mapping<dim,spacedim>), rather it is 
> implemented for dim=spacedim problems only.  

I'm not sure if there's any specific reason as to why its only templatised 
and instantiated 
the codim 0 case, but its an enhancement that we could look into making. 
This class makes heavy use of the GridTools::find_cell_around_point 
function, and *perhaps* (pure speculation) it may not be sufficiently 
robust codim 1. Perhaps someone more knowledgable on the inner functioning 
/ use of this class would like to comment on this point?


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