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I did try looking at the documentation for FEValuesViews::Vector <http://www.dealii.org/8.5.0/doxygen/deal.II/classFEValuesViews_1_1Vector.html>< dim, spacedim >::hessian(const unsigned int shape_function, const unsigned int q_point) before coming here, and all it provides is

"Return the Hessian (the tensor of rank 2 of all second derivatives) of the vector components selected by this view, for the shape function and quadrature point selected by the arguments."

Yes, the FEValuesViews::Vector::hessian(i,q) function returns the Hessian of the i'th shape function at the q'th quadrature point as a matrix. I think that ought to be clear.

The get_function_hessians() function returns a vector of tensors, which are the hessians of the solution at the quadrature points.


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