This is a seemingly simple problem.

I want to develop a code to model a 1d system of equations. I decided to go 
through the tutorial and add/change what I need in my model. I use python 
regularly, but my c skills are rusty (to say the least). I changed the 
stap-1 code file from  (line 39)
Triangulation<2> triangulation;


Triangulation<1> triangulation;

but i get an error that 

An error occurred in line <3526> of file </home/yotam/Sync/Applications/
dealii-8.5.1/source/grid/> in function
    void dealii::internal::{anonymous}::write_eps(const dealii::
Triangulation<1, 1>&, std::ostream&, const dealii::Mapping<1>*, const dealii
::GridOutFlags::Eps<2>&, const dealii::GridOutFlags::Eps<3>&)
The violated condition was: 
Additional information: 
    You are trying to use functionality in deal.II that is currently not 
implemented. In many cases, this indicates that there simply didn't appear 
much of a need for it, or that the author of the original code did not have 
the time to implement a particular case. If you hit this exception, it is 
therefore worth the time to look into the code to find out whether you may 
be able to implement the missing functionality. If you do, please consider 
providing a patch to the deal.II development sources (see the deal.II 
website on how to contribute).

I was hoping this is to due with GridOut trying to use its 2d method on my 
1d triangulation, so I after going through the code, I added the following 

GridOutFlags::Eps<1> epsflag;
right before I write the grid to the eps file (line 59)

however I get the same error message. is there a way to print the 1d grid? 

Thank you. 

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