Usually the ConditionalOStream-variable is initialized in the constructor 
of the object, as for example in
template <int dim>
MinimalSurfaceProblem<dim>::MinimalSurfaceProblem (const char *file_name)
                    typename Triangulation<dim>::MeshSmoothing(Triangulation
<dim>::smoothing_on_refinement | Triangulation<dim>::smoothing_on_coarsening
      dof_handler (triangulation),
      fe (FE_Q<dim>(2), n_components * dim),
      pcout(std::cout, (Utilities::MPI::this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator) 
== 0)),


Now I would like to do that in a function of the class, instead of the 
constructor, so that I am able to write into a log file instead of using 
std::cout. I tried the following methods:
pcout = ConditionalOStream(std::cout, (Utilities::MPI::this_mpi_process(
mpi_communicator) == 0));
resulting in
error: use of deleted function ‘dealii::ConditionalOStream& dealii::
pcout = ConditionalOStream pcout_local(std::cout, (Utilities::MPI::
this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator) == 0));
resulting in
error: expected primary-expression before ‘pcout_local’
             pcout = ConditionalOStream pcout_local(std::cout, (Utilities::
MPI::this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator) == 0));
pcout = ConditionalOStream::ConditionalOStream(std::cout, (Utilities::MPI::
this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator) == 0));
resulting in 
error: cannot call constructor ‘dealii::ConditionalOStream::
ConditionalOStream’ directly [-fpermissive]
             pcout = ConditionalOStream::ConditionalOStream(std::cout, (
Utilities::MPI::this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator) == 0));

Is there another way I can use in order to replace std::cout with a custom 
stream (such as
std::ofstream file_out_stream;, std::ios::out | std::ios::app);
pcout = ConditionalOStream::ConditionalOStream(file_out_stream, (Utilities::
MPI::this_mpi_process(mpi_communicator) == 0));
Thank you!

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