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Usually the ConditionalOStream-variable is initialized in the constructor of the object, as for example in
typenameTriangulation<dim>::MeshSmoothing(Triangulation<dim>::smoothing_on_refinement |Triangulation<dim>::smoothing_on_coarsening)),
       dof_handler (triangulation),
       fe (FE_Q<dim>(2),n_components *dim),


Now I would like to do that in a function of the class, instead of the constructor, so that I am able to write into a log file instead of using std::cout. I tried the following methods:
> [...]

There is no immediate function that allows you to change the stream and state of the ConditionalOStream at a later time. But you can of course create the output log file stream as a member variable and initialize it *before* the pcout object, and then initialize the pcout object with it.

Alternatively, make your pcout object a *pointer to* a ConditionalOStream object and set the pointer when you have your stream object ready.


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