Hello all,
A PRISMS-PF user recently posted to our forum 
<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/prisms-pf-users/t1TTaKbm4H0> that 
he was having an issue with the deal.ii package he got through apt-get on 
Ubuntu 17.10. The issue seems to be related to a missing shared object file 
for MUMPS. I booted up a Ubuntu virtual machine on VirtualBox and saw the 
same error.

What I did:

   1. Installed Ubuntu 17.10 on the VM
   2. Updated apt
   3. Retrieved the deal.ii package ($ sudo apt-get install libdeal.ii)
   4. Found the deal.ii example directory to test the installation and 
   copied it into my home directory
   5. Ran CMake for step-1
   6. Attempted to compile step-1 (both "make release" and "make debug" had 
   the same outcome)

The result:


I checked the '/usr/lib/' directory and found a number of MUMPS shared 
objects (libesmumps-5.1.so, libesmumps.a, libesmumps.so, 
libptesmumps-5.1.so, libptesmumps.a, and libptesmumps.so), but not 
"libsmumps.so". I thought that maybe there was a file naming error and 
renamed a copy of "libesmumps.so" to "libsmumps.so", but then I got a 
similar error with a different MUMPS shared object. After a few rounds of 
that, I gave up.

Does anyone know what the issue is and how to solve it? 


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