In the results/extension section of Step-6 as well in Step-49, there is a 
great deal of discussion about obtaining good meshes are for a problem, 
with the caveat that this is a highly specialized topic. Step-49 is full of 
warnings about things that can go wrong when applying certain 
transformations, and it seems to implant doubts in my mind that my meshes 
are never going to be correct :)

Given this, in the spirit of the Kelly Indicator for solution errors in a 
cell, is there a similar single-metric for the quality/goodness of each 
cell in a mesh? Maybe there is something based on the smallest internal 
angle (to prevent slivers, for Jacobian of the mapping to be invertible, to 
prevent inverted cells etc).

After all, error estimation is a complicated topic. nevertheless the Kelly 
Indicator seems to do a reasonable job for quite a few equations. If 
currently not implemented in Deal.II, is there any journal article that 
discusses research in this direction?


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