Dear All,

I am trying to write a code to give initial condition for a vector of 
FullMatrix<double> objects. The initial value of each entry of each matrix 
is uniquely defined by the corresponding nodal location. Hence, I am 
looking for an easy way to iterate all nodes (including mid-side nodes) in 
the mesh and access their coordinates. Is there a way to do so?

I am aware of the Interpolate() function in VectorTools. However, the 
documentation for this function show that the input function to interpolate 
must have the same number of components as the number of components in the 
vector-valued finite element. This is not the case for me, since the 
initial values of the matrix are not directly linked to the DoFs of the 
finite element. I also considered making the entries of the matrices as 
extra DoFs of the finite element, then I will be able to use Interpolate() 
and some component masks to assign initial values. But this idea is 
sub-optimal, since in subsequent calculations, the values of the entries 
can be directly computed using other DoFs of the finite element as well as 
their previous values. So there's really no point posing them as additional 
DoFs of the finite element. Is there any suggestions on how to achieve this?

Thanks a lot for any discussions and suggestions! Your help is much 


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