> However, I have two more related questions. BTW, I am a newbie in C++
> programming. So my questions may seem absurd.
>    1. Now that we have a vector holding all nodal point coordinates, and
>    another vector holding all nodal point values of the solution. How do we
>    access every nodal point coordinates, and at the same time, the associated
>    nodal point value within the same loop?
> Can you clarify in a short pseudocode example what you are trying to

>    1. In addition to nodal point values of a solution, are the partial
>    derivatives (or gradient) of the solution at each nodal point available in
>    deal.ii?
> That's basically what DataPostprocessor is doing. In general, you can loop
over all cells and calculate the derivatives locally. Have a look at
FEValuesBase::get_function_gradients (


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