Hi, there!

I have some general questions about deal.ii, and here is the background 
info concerning my question.

There are two functions u and v, defined over domain \Omega in 1D/2D/3D. We 
use deal.ii to solve for the numerical approximation of function u, using 
1st degree polynomial for finite elements. That means that DOF on each cell 
is the same as values of function u at nodal points on each cell. In the 
mathematical model, we update the nodal values of function v using the 
nodal values of function u, pointwise, i.e., a nodal value of function v 
strictly depends on a nodal value of function u at the same nodal point. 
And that is the end of the process of solving for numerical approximations 
of functions u and v.

After reading through many tutorial examples at deal.ii, I have not come 
across with answers to my following questions. They are,

Is it possible to access nodal point values of a solution in deal.ii? And 
is it possible to revise nodal values of a solution pointwise?

The tutorial examples show only how to access values of the solution at the 
quadrature points within each cell.

Thanks for your insight on this question.

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