Hello Stefan,

what's wrong with the old falcon IDE driver? pata_falcon should not be
necessary, and may even be detrimental to performance (it doesn't use
interrupts, rather it polls for completion of ATA commands).

The EtherNAT will remember the MAC address across reboots, but some hack
to set a fixed address after module load might be in order. My EtherNAT
is toast so I can't test that myself.

The console keyboard map is for american layout: @ is on shift-2, ~ is
on shift-~, | is on shift-#, [ is on ΓΌ, ] is on + (curly brackets on
shift with same keys) with my german layout keyboard. No idea why I used
the american layout, I'm sure I had taken down the german raw keycodes
at some stage when rewriting the keyboard driver.

If these keys don't work for you, try without loading a key map.

xserver needs support for the Atari pixel format (interleaved planes).
Shouldn't be too hard to do, but Xorg code probably isn't for the faint
of heart (I've certainly had enough to last me a lifetime).



Am 10.02.2018 um 13:51 schrieb Stefan Niestegge:
> Hello list,
> since someone on #atari-home IRC asked me how Debian would work these
> days, i gave the new Netinstaller Adrian released another try.
> While looking at the kernel output at boot i saw that my Network card
> is indeed supported (i thought it wasn't until 2 days ago!). It only
> needed the MAC address to be set manually, then the eth0 came up.
> This is more a firmwar bug of the "EtherNAT" network card that has no
> MAC adress default.
> So Adrian added the pata_falcon module to the initramfs and installation
> can begin. The D-I works really well! When the network failed, i went to
> a second console brought up the network manually and let D-I retry DHCP.
> Then after choosing the right (thx Adrian) ftp mirror and subfolder
> installation was quite easy.
> Adrian showed me how to  set the mac address at boot time, so now the
> network is up automatically.
> I installed the ssh so one can even log in remotely. Installing stuff
> with apt works flawless.
> The intalled Debian has atm two problems
> -keyboard (de layout) work ok for usual letters and numbers, also those
> that need the shift modifier, but many important characters like ~ @ |
> and [ ] cannot be typed on the Atari
> -xserver crashes
> I'd need help with that. I'll append the dmesg.txt and xorg.log files.
> Let me know if you want more logfiles or remote access.
> greetings,
> Stefan "beetle" Niestegge

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