The keymap in use is from October 2007, so predates 3.19 by a decade or
so. Probably even earlier - I don't think I had the Falcon unpacked and
set up at that stage yet.

The keymap from 2015 should still work for all I can see. In actual
fact, there is a change from 2015 (adding KEY_102ND) in the input driver
meaning you fixed the default map in the kernel and might not have used
a console map at all...

What should i do to find out which keymap version i use, and if
outdated, what is to do to get the new version?

The system has been apt-get updated and upgraded.

little progress update

i installed console-data, since loadkeys de or loadkeys us
got me the error "file de(or us) not found"

still, the "Alternate" modifier is not working as desired.

if i load US keys, i can at least enter some more |~ [] symbols, because
i only need shift key then.

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