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>> It doesn't really make sense to have a meetup if only three people
>> show up :).
> So far the feedback has not been overwhelming. Maybe May is not the best
> time of the year.

I think May is an excellent choice, but maybe… 

> I need to confirm with Linuxhotel next Monday. If there are not some
> more people interested, I need to cancel for May and we should look for
> a meeting later in the year.

… May is a too short-term date to look for interested people. At the m68k in 
Kiel I was attending some years ago, there were maybe 6-8 people attending and 
it was back then still a supported release platform, IIRC. 

I know that the Amiga scene is still quite active, like in the forum at I don’t think that you would gain many participants when limiting the 
invitation to this mailing list. Topics like GCC improvements and general 
portability issues also apply to Netbsd 68k and all those Amigans that port 
software to AmigaOS. 

And what about maybe Jens Schoenfeld or other hardware vendors?

So, maybe it’s a good idea to extend the invitation to these groups as well 
(and find a new date). 

Speaking of myself: I’m quite interested in joining, but currently I can not 
oversee everything that might interfere with the date and so the propability of 
me showing up is maybe 75%. 

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