Hi all. I feel as though I've traveled the operating system globe. I
started out with Windows, then got a Mac when the Mac accessibility started
making waves among the blind, around the MountLion/Maverics days. Then I
got into Emacspeak, and since I used that so much, I thought Linux would be
a good fit for me. Over the years, I'd gotten a grip on Linux, through
virtual machines. So I installed Sonar Gnu-Linux, a dirivitive of arch, on
the Mac Mini I've had. Well, Voxin installed well on it, but Emacspeak was
slow with the eSpeak server, and didn't work with the Voxin server at all.
So, I've decided to give Debian a go, within a virtual machine on my new
Windows laptop, core i7, 8 gigs ram. Any ideas on how I should proceed? Is
there a simple CLI version that would possibly work, as Linux in the GUI
just doesn't work well enough for me to use effectively.
Thanks for any help.
Devin Pratersent from Gmail.

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