Thanks for the tips, y'all. I got Debian installed, which was a joy to do.
I used the net installer for the 64-bit version. I installed in VmWare, and
it all went pretty good until I restarted. After the beep, I pressed s, but
then, using an OCR addon for NVDA, I learned that the log in screen had
come up, there was no speech. I got into a console, no speech there either,
made sure the volume was up by piping output of commands to eSpeak, and
made sure Orca was installed as well. Any ideas?

Devin Pratersent from Gmail.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 7:31 PM, Samuel Thibault <>

> Michael A Ray, on Wed 21 Sep 2016 18:34:15 +0100, wrote:
> > I am a totally blind Debian user and I regularly use the Net Install
> > method.  It works very well, except you will need headphones since for
> > some reason the volume is very low.
> ?!
> That's completely unexpected and hasn't been reported to my
> knowledge. Levels are supposed to be put at 80%, just like they are at
> reboot in the installed system. Please report debugging information as
> documented on
> Also note that as documented in the installer manual in the
> accessibility chapter
> ( you can make the
> volume louder by pressing Capslock+2
> Samuel

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