debian is the only linux i have used, so i don't know.  it's possible
in principle that most issues [huge fonts, huge dpi, no blinking,
etc.] are general to linux, but i think of debian as a leader in linux
and free unix.

[some are potential broken packages, suggesting that they might in
principle be debian-specific.  i have heard that stretch ddccontrol is
broken in at least some cases.  that would be a total dealbreaker for
me; i could not use the computer without it.]

On 8/8/17, Samuel Thibault <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Samuel Wales, on mar. 08 août 2017 14:38:15 -0700, wrote:
>> i am finding debian quite inaccessible to me and fear not being able
>> to use it at all.  so i appreciate your work.
> Do you mean Debian in particulier, or Linux in general?
> Samuel

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