Greetings all;

I just went to restore my sshfs shares so I could move a file I had 
written, but if fails to connect. This was working, and working well as 
recently as a week ago. Neither machine has been rebooted but several 
updates have been done. This machine is running an up to date wheezy, 
and the target machine, an r-pi3b, is running an up to date jessie

I am user 1000 on both this and that machine, but this commandline now 
gets this response:

gene@coyote:~/linuxcnc/nc_files$ sshfs pi@picncsheldon:/ /sshnet/picnc
read: Connection reset by peer

It works just fine to the other 3 machines running wheezy in my home 

Any idea why the jessie machine is now failing?

Thanks people.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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