Hi Andreas,

I extended the queries to allow multiple (and even versionized) provides.

Andreas Tille <andr...@an3as.eu> writes:
>> > It has another really great feature.  It has the following warning
>> > output:
>> >
>> > WARNING:__main__:"filo" has been replaced with "bedtools"
>> Where does it get this from? Is this issued when "filo" is a "Provides"?
> Yes.  The package filo is missing and bedtools provides it.  That's a
> hint to fix the tasks file to not mention packages that are replaced.

.... and replaces it, as seen from the other task. In principle, this
could be implemented in blend-gen-control (even independent of whether
APT or UDD is used); blends.py's uddcache would just need an extension
to return the "replaces" as well.

I would however leave this for future.

>> > WARNING:__main__: **Missing package python3-bd2k has the following
>> > existing versions:
>> > WARNING:__main__:python-bd2k
>> Similarly here: in which cases you issue this?
> I have not checked the code again (and lacking the time in the next
> hours).  But I once specified to the GSoC student that if the package
> name has a version number and that package name is not found to replace
> that number by '%' and seek for a match.  Here you see the result.  It
> usually happens with library packages if the ABI version is appended to
> the package name (even if tasks should not really specify library
> packages but rather the lib*-dev package but as we have seen in the
> libodil0-dev case sometimes these have versions as well).  The
> libodil0-dev package would have matched both tests (Provides and replace
> version number by %).

This is a bit more difficult; and I would leave this out of the normal



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