Hello Steve,

Unfortunately I formatted every system that had cryptography, can you check 
with a fresh installation on a machine of yours or do you need me to format 
again with encryption and write all the errors?


4. Aug 2017 17:37 by st...@einval.com:

> On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 05:42:59PM -0400, Marco Pellegrini wrote:
> >Package: installation-reports
> >Severity: important

> >After a fresh install of Debian Stretch 9.0.1 with any kind of
> >cryptography applied to the hard drive, if the computer suddenly
> >shuts down, then it will not boot up again, a lot of errors will
> >appear when booting up and it will be impossible to access the system
> >again. Logging in the terminal is impossible as well. This happens to
> >every machine I tried installing Stretch with cryptography.
> Hi Marco,
> You say "a lot of errors will appear". Can you give some more details
> of those errors, please? It's difficult to work out what's happening
> otherwise...
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