Dear Christian and Holger,

Please, keep me informed about the release of new ISO image with updated Tajik 
translation, so I save my Internet traffic.

Kind regards,

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Subject: Re: New Language Process for Tajik: missing status update?

Le 08/02/2018 à 10:50, Holger Wansing a écrit :
> Am Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018 schrieb
>> Hi Debian-i18n team!
>> Sublevel3 is now 100% translated into Tajik language! So now all 5 files 
>> should be 100% translated.
> Yeah. :-)
>> In the total - for all 5 sublevel files - about 19 859 words have been 
>> translated into Tajik language.
>> I am now waiting for the updated ISO image to make live tests and apply 
>> needed linguistics' updates.
> Please be patient, there are some uploads needed and the like, to make 
> that happen.

Not "some" uploads.....*many* uploads, as the last updates have modified Tajik 
strings in nearly all packages. At least, all D-I packages now have a Tajik 
translation, but maybe not the latest updates

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