Hi Michael,

On 04/06/2022 10:20, Michael Tokarev wrote:
Ok, it's been almost a month since my initial email here.

If there's no objections, I'll upload the new busybox release tomorrow
(from the "mjt" branch). It's enough waiting :)

Sorry, life has just been way too busy to get to busybox maintenance on my part - or, it seems, even replying to list mail like this. I'm very glad to see you working on it in Debian again, and thanks for doing the upload a couple of weeks ago to bring it up to date.

I want to enable awk applet for d-i (udeb) config before the upload, for
some things it is much easier to use than e.g. sed.

That makes sense to me. I don't think we're nearly as anal as we used to be about keeping the installer small (e.g. we dumped the businesscard CD images in 2012) so it makes sense to enable genuinely useful functionality in busybox.

I do have some more thoughts, including some doubts about the way I changed
the build procedure (it looks like there's a simpler way), but that's for
the future.

I'd be interested to see that. I fought with the build process for quite a while to get it where it seemed to work nicely, so if you can improve it then that's great!

If you have any questions do feel free to mail me directly, I'm much more likely to see your mail that way.


Chris Boot

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