Jmkr <> writes:

> Sorry for the delay, I had to do some work and then forgot that I 
> planned to reply to this bug.

No problem, these things happen -- anyway, your timing was great as I
was just about to do something about this anyway.

>  > Philip Hands <> writes:
>  > ...
>  >
>  > Actually, given that we don't care what's in the first field at that
>  > point, and it's already matched the start of the country code, I think
>  > this ought to work as well:
>  >
>  >  "/^${L%%_*}/"'{s/^[^;]*;\([0-9]\);.*/\1/p;q}'
> Yes, it works perfectly when I tested the "sed" command both in a 
> terminal and also in my customized DI in the 
> "./usr/lib/post-base-installer.d/05localechooser" file.
> Although, I did not test the generated ISO and whether the whole locale 
> chooser mechanism now works as intended with locales that have level 3+ 
> (i.e. if DI actually creates the "/target/root/.profile" file for such 
> locales). Since I don't use such locales on my systems it would be 
> difficult for me to test this. I don't know the languages, so I probably 
> would not be able to finish the DI using one of these languages:).

Ah, good to know.  I had assumed that you'd come across this by using
one of the affected translations.

Given that isn't the case, I had another look at the list of locales,
and noticed that Georgian is at least right-to-left so is a bit easier
for me to drive, so added that to my tests, and added the collection of
root's .profile as part of the post-install, with the result that we
have this example of the old code failing:

Re-running the test with a gtk-mini.iso that includes the patched
localechooser gives us the result we're hoping for, which is nice:

I had planned to do a bit more on the salsa scripting side of things to
streamline creating this sort of test, and then to upload a new version
of localechooser including this change, but I find myself a little
distracted by my family members contracting Covid19 over the last couple
of days.  Hopefully I'll have chance to finish things off shortly.

Cheers, Phil.
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