Package: installation-reports
Severity: grave
Tags: d-i
Justification: renders package unusable

(Please provide enough information to help the Debian
maintainers evaluate the report efficiently - e.g., by filling
in the sections below.)

Boot method: USB
Image version: debian-bookworm-DI-rc1-amd64-DVD-1.iso
Date: <Date and time of the install>

Machine: Lenovo Thinkpad P16
Partitions: <df -Tl will do; the raw partition table is preferred>

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot:           [0]
Detect network card:    [0]
Configure network:      [0]
Detect media:           [0]
Load installer modules: [0]
Clock/timezone setup:   [0]
User/password setup:    [0]
Detect hard drives:     [0]
Partition hard drives:  [0]
Install base system:    [E]
Install tasks:          [ ]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Overall install:        [ ]


<Description of the install, in prose, and any thoughts, comments
      and ideas you had during the initial install.>

Tried installing in both expert mode, and normal mode. After
partitioning the disks went to the 'Install the base system' step. It
failed with the text: Cannot install base system. The installer cannot
figure out how to install the base system. If found no installable
image, and no valid mirror was configured.

Please make sure that any installation logs that you think would
be useful are attached to this report. Please compress large
files using gzip.

-- Package-specific info:

Installer lsb-release:
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Debian GNU/Linux installer"
DISTRIB_RELEASE="12 (bookworm) - RC 1 installer"
X_INSTALLATION_MEDIUM=DVD image on USB thumb drive

Installer hardware-summary:
uname -a: Linux wren 6.1.0-7-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.1.20-1 
(2023-09-19) x86_64 GNU/Linux

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