On Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 10:01:42PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Maybe there's something (else) weird going on?
> It would definitely be helpful if you could:
>  - confirm which message was presented;
>  - roughly at which point.
> I realize it's probably not trivial for you to navigate the syslog, but
> based on when network detection happened, etc. you might remember the
> sequence of events.
> (I think we should have least have an extra log line when we present the
> screen you saw; unless I failed to spot it, which is entirely possible.)
It's before the partitioning part so I just booted d-i again there.
And it actually says "No Ethernet card was detected". But I used English
this time while I was using Russian during the actual installation so I
changed the language to Russian and now the message ("Программа установки
не обнаружила сетевую карту") indeed looks like it's about a "network
card" in general (the block itself, which I think says "network
hardware" in English, says "Определение сетевой карты" so it's generic in
both languages). And as iwlwifi is present in the presented driver list, I
assumed it's about WiFi or network hardware in general. So it's a
localization problem.
Just to confirm, at this point /var/log/syslog contains loaded firmware
and activated wl2ps0.

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