This statement is totally wrong!  I am sorry.

Correction:  In order to reproduce this screen corruption, I have to set Legacy mode boot in the BIOS,  as you can see in the video (it clearly states BIOS mode), so:

BIOS set to:

Legacy mode:  Screen corruption.
UEFI:  Works correctly.
UEFI and Secure Boot: Works correctly.

Excuse my mistake.

El 14/4/23 a las 02:38, ng escribió:
I found out that having Secure Boot enabled is necessary to reproduce this.  With Secure Boot disabled the installer works correctly with the defaults.

Hi,  I am currently using: debian-bookworm-DI-rc1-amd64-netinst and I am currently having this bug.

If I change the boot parameter 'VGA=788' to 'VGA='  it works correctly.

AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
Thinkpad E495

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