Moritz Muehlenhoff <> (2023-05-10):
> This turned out to be redux of #932149: Bumping the memory of the
> netboot-installed VM to 1536M RAM fixed it. There was anectotal
> evidence of non-netboot installations still succeeding with 1024M, so
> should we reassign to installation-guide to bump the documented
> minimum RAM at least for netboot?

Both netboot and netboot-gtk's mini.iso, booted as a CD, are just fine
with 1G RAM (modulo cryptsetup OOMKs for a little while, #1028250), and
have been for years. That's how all my VM testing has been done for
years. :)

If numbers are updated for netboot, maybe make it clear it's for PXE

> When debugging the issue is also noticed that
> rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer/menu currently checks how much RAM
> is present and if it's less than 250M it exports
> Given that we already document 780MB as the minimum requirement for
> Bullseye that seems obsolete, happy to create MRs to remove it from
> rootskel and cdebconf to clean this up.

Looping in Samuel who has been bumping requirements on a regular basis,
and who is likely to have good ideas in this area.

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