On Mon, 2023-06-19 at 22:02 +0100, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> I'm sending this separately to a similar mail for 12.1. That's
> because the
> timings are far enough out that they would make sense on separate
> weekends,
> but they could also be stretched[1] and combined. 
> Two months from 29th April is around the 1st July, so I propose:

As we discussed on IRC, when we have both stable and oldstable point
releases to do, they should happen on the same day. Otherwise, version
skew from packages such as browsers and OpenJDK causes us more work
(e.g. openjdk-17 is already at opu > stable). Not that it's directly
relevant to this discussion, but the stable point release should also
always be first - both because it resolves the version skew more
neatly, and because it means the images team can get started on
handling stable while the rest of us deal with oldstable.

The traditional cadence for oldstable point releases is four months,
rather than two. That technically means that 11.8 would be due
somewhere in late August to mid-September. So we could either punt 11.8
so it aligns with 12.2 rather than 12.1, or do 11.8 together with 12.1
and then align 11.9 with 12.3.

I think I'd prefer the latter option, i.e. we do 11.8+12.1 in July,
12.2 probably September, then 11.9+12.3 Novemberish.

> 1st July
> 8th July
> 15th July at a push

The 1st would mean freezing this coming weekend, which is very tight.

As per the 12.1 mail, either the 8th or 15th would work for me, with a
preference for the latter. Given the explanation above though, I think
the 22nd would be fine for 11.8 as well.



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