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On 22/06/2023 22:19, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
I'll let Steve comment on this, but having had to deal with far-reaching
consequences of that very change, that seemed trivial enough, Im very
much not convinced I'd like to see more things getting tweaked there.

I acknowledge that this means a maintenance burden for downstream
distributions that would like to use an unsigned GRUB. But then, that's
their choice…

In Kali I fixed it another way, we now use the "monolithic unsigned grub" inside our installer, instead of the "legacy" grub style. That gets us closer to Debian's mainline, and hopefully will avoid this kind of breakage in the future.

I'll be very happy to submit this kind of patch BTW, that is, if you're still willing to support building the installer images with a unsigned grub for x86, it will be easier to use the monolithic grub. AFAIK it's the same as the signed grub, the only difference is that it's not signed.

But to be back to this bug reports: I wanted to make sure that the breakage was not Kali specific, and it's not. Being the one that noticed it, and knowing that it's a bug in the debian-installer, I thought it would be nice to spend the time, and investigate it properly and propose a fix, even though we don't use this fix in Kali (as said above we solved it differently by using a monolithic unsigned grub). I must add that I tested those changes, in case it was not clear, even though "tested" for me just means booting the .iso in a QEMU VM.


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